Crossing the Bridge

The Bridge to the village


We are dedicated to the work we do. We make sure that we identify every community problem we see that needs to be addressed. The roads to some of our communities are unsafe to travel on. Some do not have good bridges and vehicles cannot reach the towns and villages we would like to reach. But we want to make sure that these communities are equally sustainable. As we seek to provide light in these communities, we equally seek to ensure that the environment is not affected by the general approach of our work.


Therefore, we pay particular attention to environmental laws and responsibilities. We definitely need a clean and healthy environment in which to live and work. Unfortunately, some of the creeks and rivers are not safe for communities to use. During the rainy season, the rivers are flooded, and during the dry season creeks are dry and the water has changed color making it unsafe for consumption. The traditional farming system also poses a problem during the farming season. The air is filled with smoke. These are just some of the numerous environmental concerns that community members are unable to resolve by themselves. 

The Road to the village


The road project is one of the most difficult projects in the community. Unfortunately, this is one of the challenges we must all face when doing work in a rural community. Roads are not paved during the rainy season. Rivers are flooded, making it impossible for utility vehicles to pass through. Handmade bridges are not too reliable and are dangerous to cross, especially during the rainy season. Working with the community, you must take into consideration the condition and safety of the roads and bridges that lead to towns and villages. Therefore this is an area in the community that also needs more help.  The View of Lights can work with the community to repair some of the small bridges that are use to cross on. Using cement and steel can help build some of the bridges in the community.



Most rural communities have bee accustomed to the traditional home building; many are called shelters, just a place in which to live. They use natural resources, such as sticks and mud to build their shelters. We can help community members rebuild their homes. We understand building shelters in the community depends on high-cost materials for construction. Materials such as zinc and cement are hard to get and members cannot afford their high cost. Transporting materials from the city to the village is also a major problem. The transportation is infrequent and special arrangements must be made before materials can be delivered to the village. Your donation can help change a mud house to a very nice zinc house..

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