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The View of Lights is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization (registered in Massachusetts). Your donation is tax-deductible.

View of Lights' program is about helping communities become sustainable by focusing on particular issues which affect the community, such as the lack of electric power in schools and clinics, and the lack of economic growth, that we think has a greater impact on rural community development. We believe helping communities obtain sufficient light for their towns and villages enables growth and brings about economic development and sustainability. 


At The View of Lights, we are concerned about people - most especially the children and families living in darkness. We realize that there are many other communities that do not have access to electric power.  We believe that electric power is very important for helping communities develop.  The following are ways in which we plan to achieve our goals, which are to:

  • Provide rural community electricity by deploying generators for electricity usage for rural communities.  We hope to be able to deploy about 200 generators per year.  The goal is to give poor people in rural communities one generator per household. The cost for supplying a school, a clinic, a village or a town with one generator is about $1,500.  Every year, the Organization’s Board Members select applications to approve the issuance of each generator to a selected community.
  • Provide generators to facilities such as schools, clinics, villages and towns that lack electric power, but that have high student populations.  Our goal is to ensure that towns and villages are well lit, and that schools and clinics have sufficient light to function properly, ensuring security and safety.
  • Assist with building community infrastructure for schools and clinics in rural communities.  View of Lights, with the approval of its board members, will approve and determine funding for a community’s needs, as requested by the community's leaders

Generators and Solar Panels for Rural Communities in Liberia!

This is for a good cause. The View of Lights – Rural Communities initiative allows to us assist rural communities with portable generators and solar panels in Liberia.  Liberia has 15 counties that make up the country’s rural sectors. After 14 years of war, and the current outbreak of the Ebola virus, Liberia rural sectors still lack access to electricity. Without electricity, the countryside is unable to develop. All of the schools, clinics and market grounds have no electric power. 

Your donations and contributions help provide portable generators and solar panel installations in schools and clinics that will help pave the way for economic development and help reduce poverty.  


Ebola can be controlled. Liberians are terrified.
View of Lights Article
September 5th, 2014



The Ebola virus disease has terrified the people of West Africa; people are dying. The disease is spread from human to human through direct contact with blood, or other bodily fluids, from an infected individual. Some of the symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat and muscle weakness. Others include vomiting, diarrhea, rash, kidney liver problems and bleeding. How can those of us, who are still alive, fight this deadly disease? First, we must work hard to take the necessary precaution that is needed for us to remain safe. Second, we must take responsibility to help those people who are now sick from the disease. And third, we must plan for a cure of this disease and ensure that countries that are infected are safe and protected.


In Liberia, the healthcare infrastructure is not fully equipped to handle such a serious outbreak of disease. The healthcare systems in the various sectors, villages and towns still need improvement. We must work to ensure that we are able to prevent and manage our healthcare system before it is too late. Every country must consider its healthcare system as an urgent propriety, and must ensure that it has trained professionals and facilities in place to provide good healthcare delivery. We must forever be grateful to America, who has already taken the lead to shed light on this outbreak. We hope that international communities can work together to find a cure soon.


There are many families and children who lack access to electric power that is urgently needed and necessary for children to do home work, and for families to help their children study at night.


It is very difficult for any community to function, improve and develop in darkness. If you want to help a village or a town have electric power, please do not hesitate to support our generator and solar panels programs. Your support will make a community shine. A family will be able to help their children study at night. A school will have light for its students. Women can start small businesses in their villages and towns. We will be able to communicate through cell phones and enjoy the Internet.  Let‘s put light in communities. Support The View of Lights.  Please

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