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Think about the millions of African kids who go to school without electricity and those who study for hours next to a smoky kerosene lamp. Think about those families who go to bed too soon because they do not have electricity. Enable them to stay up so they may be able to help their kids when darkness comes. In Liberia, about 25,000 students failed the entrance test at the University of Liberia, according to a report from the Boston Globe. How are these students studying and making preparation for their school work?  Many students go to school with no electric power.  We can help these students pass their test. Imagine the possibilities if all kids had lights in their schools and homes.

How can we help Moms who have c-sections in darkness? Kids that can't get their food or vaccines refrigerated? How about those Students who do their homework at night with just a candle or a flashlight? 
How about all the businesses that can't grow due to extreme poverty? 


These are questions in the communities that must be answered. And you can help answer some of them with your help. Together, the View of Lights organization can help these communities shine again.  Please help!

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