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Portable Generator

The View of Lights major focus is about community developmet. We can all work together to build a better community. A portable generator is good for emergency use and can also be used in remote areas where there is critical need. Portable Generator can also help family and their children do school home work together. Helping students to study. We are asking for your contributions and support that will assist build a better community. We are happy for your support.

The View of Lights Organization 

Working to bring electricty to local communities that do not have access to electric power. The challenge is obvious, but we are willing to help and you too can help by getting involved to support the View of Lights. Your contributions will certainly make a huge difference in local schools and communities. We understand that a community cannot be developed in darkness. 


Making a difference in the Community! We are greatful to Wayfair in Boston and all our friends for their support and contributions. We were able to deliver five portable generators in community schools in Liberia.These are schools that are in rural areas that do not have access to electric light.Your donation and support really made an impact in these communities.

Joining together for a good cause: Welcome to The View of Lights, located in Everett, MA!

The Mission

Our mission is to work to deliver solar panels, portable generators, wells and pumps for safe drinking water, and batteries that provide light to remote communities that do not have access to electric power throughout the world. To ensure that children and families' lives are improved and made better through education and good healthcare. 

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The View of Lights is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization (registered in Everett, Massachusetts). Your donation is tax-deductible.


Covid-19 has had an impact in the World that we live in. Our Elderly, Children, Families, First Responders, Rural Communities and Poor Nations have all suffered. But because of our humanity and our kind support and donations, we are able to stand together as one people and one world. 


View of Lights – programs are about helping communities become sustainable by focusing on some of the particular issues which affect the community. We look at the lacked of electric power in rural schools and clinics. The lacked of economic growth that is a major setback for rural communities’ development. Safe drinking water that is lacking in rural communities. We believe that being able to assist with these basic needs that affect the rural communities, these communities can have greater chances of development. We believe that helping these communities with electricity will enable growth and brings about economic development and sustainability. 


At the View of Lights, we are concerned about the people and the communities they live in. Most especially we are concerned about the children and the many families that are living in darkness. We realized that there are many communities that do not have access to electric power.  We believe that electric power is very important for helping communities to develope. And there are many ways you can help:


  • Make a donation to help provide a portable generator to small businesses.
  • Make a donation to help provide a well and pump for safe drinking water in rural community.
  • Donate Food and clothing that will help families and children in rural communities.
  • Make a donation that will help rural schools with computers and text books and computers.
  • Make a donation that will help community youths play soccer and Games.
  • Make a donation that will help single mothers send their children in rural communities.

  We hope that you will be able to join us. Together we can help make a difference in rural communities in Liberia, West Africa.


  1.  your donations to the View of Lights will help small businesses with portable generators and Solar panels for when disaster strikes.  Solar panels help reduce energy cost for low-income families.  Your donations will help provide Chromebooks for remotely learning for children who are struggling to adapt to remote learning sence the Covid-19 pandamic.
  2. Your donations will help low-income families pay for community sport activities for their kids, such as Basketball, Gymnastic, Soccer and Swimming programs in their communities.

To make a donation by mail:

Please contact:

Molley Jones

28 Greenhalge Avenue

Everett, MA 02149

Phone Number: 857-919-0501





Ophanage Community In Liberia 

Your help and support will be highly appreciated.  Make a donation today!

How can we help?

The View of Lights

501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

  in the US is geared toward families and communities development Programs. Working to make a difference in Rural Communities around the world.

 June 2017 was a great time when the View of Lights Organization donated few bags of rice for some Orphanage homes in Liberia:


CENACOLO Community – Brewerville, Liberia

 Comfort K Toe Orphanage Home – Klay Town, Bomi County

Diana E. Davis' Orphanage Home G4 Community – Brewerville, Liberia

Cemax Orphanage Bomi, Klay

All Saints International, Plunko Junction


Your donations will be used to purchase rice, school supplies, computers, portable generators for clinic and schools. 


We want to thank Hon. William Dakal in Brewerville, Montserrado County for coordinating the distribution of the rice.

We thank our friends and Wayfair in Boston, Massachusetts for their support.


If you will like to make a donation or help Rural Communities in Liberia, please go to our website and make a donation at:  Thank you for your help and support.

Our website has been setup with the goal of helping bring electricity to rural communities with no access to facilities that are taken for granted in the First World. Our initial goal is to start with Liberia which, according to the 2011 World Bank Report, has possibly the lowest rate of access to public electricity in the world. While the average rate of access in Sub-Saharan Africa is 28.5 pecent, and in neighboring Sierra Leone and Cote d'lvoire 6 percent and 43.7 percent, respectively, Liberia's rate of access to publicy provided electricity is close to zero percent.


With the exception of a very limited supply in Gbarnga, Bong County, no publicly supplied electricity is available outside the capital Monrovia. In that city of approximately 210,619 households, 1,217 have electricity or 0.58 percent of the population.


This disastrous situation is a result of Liberia's civil war. After 14 years of war, in 2003 Liberia's power sector was in a terrible state. By 2005, what was left had largely been destroyed by looting. Having no electricity has a profound impact on society on so many different levels:

The Environment

Over 80 percent of Liberia's energy needs are met by thermal energy for cooking, with both urban and rural households relying entirely on charcoal and firewood. Every year, 96,000 trees are cut down (just around Monrovia), which is fast depleting the country's forests. Soil erosion and pollution are just some of the side effects of this situation.


With no access to lighting in the evening, except through primitive sources like candles, kerosene lamps and LED torches (which are all exorbitantly expensive in Liberia), children can do little to improve their education. Additionally, teachers cannot use computers, visual accessories and printers to enhance the quality of their work.


With little public lighting, people are afraid to venture out into the shadows. Crime, in the wake of the war years, is a significant concern.

The View of Lights Organization a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Located in Everett, Massachusetts

The Power of Education

You can help a community school today with a portable generator or solar panel that will bring light to a rural commuity.

The View of Lights

Millions of our fellow human beings are still living in darkness in remote communities around the world. Yes, we can help; With your love and support for community development, we can provide a portable generator that will help provide light for families and children.

Give The Gift of Light

One portable generator can go a long way in a community that does not have electricity. Your support and donation will help make a difference in villages and strengthen communities.

With your Gift

We can do better to improve our community

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