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 Please help us help families by providing the gift of light to rural communities that do not have adequate access to electricity both locally in Everett, Massachusetts and in View of Light’s home country of Liberia, West Africa. Locally, many families are at risk of losing their power because of financial hardships from the pandemic. In Liberia, families do not even have access to power. Rural schools and clinics are dark at night making it difficult for students to study and for nurses to care for their patients. Your donation will help families by providing the gift of light to those in need and making communities shine.


Give the gift of Light!

The View Of Lights Organization

Give The Gift Of Light!

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The View of Lights major focus is about community development. We can all work together to build a better community. Too few families in Everett, MA have the resources needed to obtain emergency backup power solutions. In Liberia, View of Lights has identified schools and clinics in their home country of Liberia, West Africa that are in desperate need of solar generators to be used as their main source of energy which will allow them to better serve their communities.

 View of Lights  

View of Lights will be providing local families with affordable solar generators that

provide backup power to ensure essential appliances continue to operate during

emergency situations. And in Liberia, solar generators will be delivered as primary

power to enable these schools and clinics to continue providing essential services

during hours after dark. The solar generators can be purchased on Amazon. Please see our Amazon Wishlist to purchase components for shipment to our Everett, MA

location or make a monetary donation towards the cause.


Making a difference in the Community! We are greatful to Wayfair in Boston and all our friends for their support and contributions. We were able to deliver five portable generators in community schools in Liberia.These are schools that are in rural areas that do not have access to electric light.Your donation and support really made an impact in these communities.

Our Mission -The View of Lights is on mission to help rural communities in the world that do not have adequate access to electricity. We work to deliver portable solar generators, solar panels, batteries and inverters that will help to put light in rural schools, clinics and villages that do not have electricity. There are many rural communities that do not have access to electricity. Many children are unable to study and do homework at night due to the lacked of power. We want to give the gift of light!

The View of LightsDonations for the Bomi County Community College will help improve learning for many students attending the college. The campus does not have electricity. Solar panel energy can help light up the campus and provides means for students and college administrators to work effectively. Please make a donation today for a solar panel kit.




Bomi County Community College - Liberia

The View of Lights - Donation for the C. H. Dewey High School in Tubmanburg, Bomi County will help improve learning for many students, who desperately in need of education and want to learn. The School does not have internet connection and electricity is also a major problem. Your donations will help purchase solar panels, batteries and inverters which will help sustain the school’s functions and put solar panel light in and around the schools campus. Please make a donation today


C. H. Dewey Central High School - Bomi County - Liberia

The View of Lights - Your donations will go toward helping the Local School in Sasstown, Bomi County -Liberia. Education is very essential, but many communities don't have the built-in infrastructure. Many locals’ schools are inadequately built and do not meet today's standard of modern education. Your donation will improve the Sasstown community schools. A solar panel kit can help put light in and around the school. Please Make a donation today.

Sasstown Public School -Bomi County

The View of Lights – Your donations will help put light in the Clinic and help staff and nurses to be able work during an emergency situation. A Solar panel light will help keep the clinic functions better at night. The Clinic needs a lot of work, such bed for patients, Wheel chairs to help elderly patients when they are brought in. Your gift of light will really be appreciated in helping to improve lives and safety. Please make a donation today.

Esther F.  Grant Clinic - Brewerville



Ophanage Community In Liberia 

Your help and support will be highly appreciated.  Make a donation today!

How can we help?

The View of Lights is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization in the US that is geared toward families and community’s development Programs. Working to make a difference in Rural Communities around the world. June 2017 was a great time when the View of Lights Organization donated few bags of rice for some Orphanage homes in Liberia: Great thank you to all our friends and donors who made this project possible.




1. CENACOLO Community – Brewerville, Liberia

2.  Comfort K Toe Orphanage Home – Klay Town, Bomi County

3. Diana E. Davis' Orphanage Home G4 Community – Brewerville, Liberia

4. Cemax Orphanage Bomi, Klay

5. All Saints International, Plunko Junction


Your donations will be used to purchase rice, school supplies, computers, portable generators for clinic and schools. 


We want to thank Hon. William Dakal in Brewerville, Montserrado County for coordinating the distribution of the rice.

We thank our friends and Wayfair in Boston, Massachusetts for their support.


If you will like to make a donation or help Rural Communities in Liberia, please go to our website and make a donation at: www.viewoflights.org.  Thank you for your help and support.

The View of Lights Organization a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Located in Everett, Massachusetts

The Power of Education

You can help a community school today with a portable generator or solar panel that will bring light to a rural commuity.

The View of Lights

Millions of our fellow human beings are still living in darkness in remote communities around the world. Yes, we can help; With your love and support for community development, we can provide a portable generator that will help provide light for families and children.

Give The Gift of Light

One portable generator can go a long way in a community that does not have electricity. Your support and donation will help make a difference in villages and strengthen communities.

With your Gift

We can do better to improve our community

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