Solar Panal Projects

Solar Panels are great for rural communities’ development. Many schools, clinics and homes do not have electricity in Liberia. Students have difficulty using their devices, such as phones, laptops and the internet. With your donations, the View of Lights organization can help support schools and clinics by helping to put solar panels in and around rural communities’ schools and clinics. Make a donation today!

 Generator Project

A generator is what makes a village or town to shine.  Generators are used for town hall meetings, schools, clinics and learning centers. A gift of a generator is very important. The community can use it for small business and many other things, including funeral and feasting activities for a lost family member.


Generators are good for emergency situations. When darkness comes, generators can be used to light up a village or town, enabling children to do homework and to play. Solar panels are also good for communities. They generate their energy from the sun and can be installed easily in homes, schools and clinics.


The View of Lights wants to help the educational process to train members of the communities on installing generators and solar panels in their homes and in their facilities. Your donations for this project are very important; you can help put light in communities.

Education Project

Education has an impact on every aspect of community development. The proper allocation of resources for community development programs is crucial and reliant upon the knowledge and skills of the local leaders. A continuous level of training and public engagement is the foundation for community development. Most communities suffer due to a lack of education and training.


Our scholarship program will pave the way for young, motivated people willing to learn more about community development. Support in the areas of school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, computers and copy machines is welcome and serves to enhance our learning environment. In addition, teachers' assistance and adult education initiatives are appropriate steps in the right direction to advance community services.


The View of Lights intends to integrate its training and educational program to enhance and explicate the functionality of its programs. Students and individual training programs will be made available to candidates interested in learning and improving their skills. We encourage the public to get involved in our projects to help enhance their skill set in the areas of solar panel and generator installation and management.

Village Project

A village is part of a rural community where many people live in mud houses with no electric light. Most of the people have lived in these homes for many years. Sometimes, there are lots of children living in these mud houses with their parents. Most of the children do not go to school because the school is either too far away from where they live or there is no school at all. A donation of one generator or solar panel can make a difference in a village at night.


View of Lights can help make arrangements for children to go to school and to help with the solar panel installation. Everyone is involved! We realize that having our presence in the community is very important. Therefore, we work in a town in order to help the town develop. View of Lights and the town work together to install electric light from the generator, to build a well for safe drinking water, to build a public toilet, and to build schools and community health centers. We help small business women with start-up assistance. View of Lights hopes to improve communities and to make life better in a town or village.

Safe Water Project

The well is used for safe drinking water. Many people in many rural communities are still fetching water from streams, creeks, and rivers, which pose some of the health problems in these communities. With this in mind, our goal is to help these communities identify a place in the town or village that is suitable for installing a hand pump.


This is a project that is done in collaboration with the town people and with View of Lights. The community collects local resources, such as sand, gravel, and sticks, while The View of Lights helps with the pump, cement, and zinc to help build the well. You can help with this cause and with building a well for villagers. The community is responsible for ensuring that the well is kept clean and maintained. Many towns and villages build wells to provide safe drinking water.

Business Project

One of the major problems that faces rural communities is the lack of income. Some rural sectors have market grounds where members gather to sell their crops from their farms. A small loan can assist a family with improving their business. The rural community members need help to enable them to have a sustainable income. Most communities' members depend on their livestock to earn income. Members depend on selling some of their chickens or crops from the farms.


This is not a stable income generating condition and the process is very difficult for them to go through. As a result, most people are reluctant to go to the public market. A small loan of $100.00 US dollars can assist a market businesswoman continue her business. But it is also difficult to do business in darkness. That is why The View of Lights wants to help by providing portable generators and solar panel installation in rural communities. Your donation in this direction can improve the community and make it shine.

Home Project

Most rural communities have been accustomed to traditional home building. Some homes are called mud houses, which are plaster with mud applied by using their hands. They use natural resources, or materials from the bush - such as sticks and mud - to build their mud house. The mud house is thatched with palm branches and rattan ropes to hold it together. We can assist the community member in rebuilding their homes to change from using the mud to using cement. We understand that building houses in the community is very difficult because of the high cost of constuction materials.


Moreover, materials such as zinc and cements, are hard to get and most members cannot afford the high cost. The cost of transporting materials from the city to the village is also a major problem. This is due to the infrequent transportation and special arrangements that have to be made before materials can be delivered to the village. Your donation can help change a mud house to a very nice cemented zinc house in the community. This can help to build strong and healthy communities and to help people to progress and develop gradually.

Road Project

The road project is one of the most difficult projects in the community. Unfortunately, this is one of the real challenges we must all face when doing work in rural communities. The roads are not paved. During the rainy season, the rivers are flooded making it impossible for people to travel and for utility vehicles to pass through. Handmade bridges are not too reliable; they are dangerous to cross, especially during the rainy season.


Doing work in the community one must take into consideration the safety issues involved regarding crossing bridges and walking at night. Most of the roads and bridges that lead to towns and villages are unsafe and are very dangerous to walk on. Helping to build local roads are significant projects for communities to undertake. Therefore, the construction of local bridges is a significant undertaking that can help communities to develop and expand.


View of Lights can work with these communities to repair and fix small bridges that people use to cross every day. Using materials, such as cement and steel, can help build some of the bridges in rural communities. Your donation and contributions can help build good rural community roads and help to protect people too.


Our objective is to get generators into rural areas primarily for lighting so children can improve their education. The cost of running the generators will be expensive, so the aim is to have the generators run in a communal building – a rural equivalent to a town hall – where people can gather to study/meet, and jointly finance fuelling the generators.

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