The View of Lights (VOL) is a charitable organization founded January 7, 2012 by Molley Jones. The purpose of the organization is to provide rural communities with electric power.  In many rural communities in Africa, and other parts of the world, community members do not have access to electricity.


There are many factors ranging from civil wars, poor government, control systems and lack of economic growth that are examples of some of the problems. Also many communities cannot afford the high cost of electricity and are not knowledgeable about how they can work to provide their own electric power.


Moreover, their dependency on the use of candlelight, kerosene lamps and the use of fuel oil have been a tradition for many local communities throughout Africa. Despite this method of traditional lighting systems, for many years rural communities have not been able to become sustainable. Poverty is still a major factor; unable to improve economic growth. Therefore, there is a significant need to help provide communities with electric power.


Many communities' problems can be solved by having sufficient electric power available. By providing sufficient lighting facilities, communities can begin to change, and many people can benefit from this change


In the case of an emergency and other disasters situations, electric light can become a very effective source of assistance, helping to solve problems in diseaster areas.


Unfortunately, many rural communities do not have electricity. Most school buildings, public clinics and learning centers lack electricity. As a result, people are unable to effectively use these facilities.

There is something we can do to help communities. We can assist communities by providing electric power to help rural communities shine. We hope to bring light where there is still darkness.

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